Wave Pendulum Emulation

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About the Emulator

This simple wave pendulum emulator, was inspired by those such as from Citadel Physics and Harvard Natural Sciences. The initial settings produce a similar pattern to the Citadel Physics video (except using the spectrum colors rather than pool-balls).

Settings / Controls

Using a large number of balls (with small radius) creates very interesting effects, such as standing waves, and the appearance that the balls are drifting slowly (or quickly) in one direction or the other, but in reality the balls only ever move up and down.

You can set a start time, to jump ahead to view the system state, and a stop time to freeze at a certain point. You can also Pause the motion. When paused you can use the "[" and "]" keys to move backwards/forwards in time by 25 ms. With [shift] = 1 second, [ctrl] = 30 secs, [shift]+[crtl] = 5 minutes.

Have a look at a geometric set with lots of balls, a few minutes in - strange stuff. Or try using 0 or negative numbers in the frequency fields for some interesting results. Enjoy!

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